Best cross trainers with wide toe box

Some runners, especially men, have wider toes that require cross trainers with wide toe box.  However, it is not clear which particular model of shoes has it. Hence, I rounded up some of the cross trainers that have wide tox box to make it easier for you to know which model to choose from. Below are the cross trainers.


Reebok CrossFit Shoes


This Reebok crossfit shoes are a great choice for people with wide toes. It offers very solid support around the ankle without letting you feel obstructive. It is also fairly light weight as it comes in at around t 9.15 ounces.  The best thing however is its wide toe box that provide plenty of room for you to skretch your toes or to prevent them from being squash.  You can see the wide toe box in the image below


Cross training shoes with wide toe box for women

For ladies, you can choose the New Balance 856 that offers wonderful ankle support on top of their wide toe box. In fact, the internal structure caters for low arch, flat feet and over pronation.   Internally, there is good padding as well so it is comfortable to wear and can cater to your workouts.


Best asics cross trainers

Asics, while might not be perceived as fashionable and hip as Nike or Adidas,  it does make very good cross training shoes.  Most of its cross trainers are comfortable fit and well supported cushioning at the side of the shoes. This makes them very suitable for carrying out various exercises, from running to ball sports such as volleyball (See this review article on cross trainers for volleyball). In this article, we will be recommending the top asics cross trainers


Best asics cross trainers for men: Asics Gel-Express 3

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The asics men cross trainers are so good that they can be used as cross trainers for the insanity workout. For those who have went through insanity, you know how much lateral movement it requires. If this pair of Asics cross trainers can handle that kind of punishment, it can survive through anything you need.

The Asics Gel-Express 3 has very solid cushioning supporting at the heels, making them very comfortable to walk or exercise in.  They also absorb shock very well, which is why they can be used for P90 insanity type of workout.

Prices wise, they are cheap compared to other brands such as Nike and Addias.  You can probably get a pair at less than USD70 if you buy from Amazon, which might even offer free shipping.

Best Asics cross trainers for women: GEL-Envigor TR Cross-Training Shoe

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Similar to the Asics men cross trainers, the GEL-Envigor TR Cross-Training Shoe has lots of padding inside to support cross training exercises. For women who have narrower feet, you might feel a bit strange at first as you need a wider foot. However, the padding does give you that extra protection and comfort.

The fit allows support and yet, gives your toes room to spread if needed. This is nice when you are doing intensify workouts such as kick boxing exercises or insanity type of workouts.

However, there are some customers who feedback that the sizing on this model is a bit off. You might need to order half a size bigger if you want to get the correct fit.

Also the GEL-Envigor TR Cross-Training Shoe is not a light weight cross trainers. However it is the best in terms of comfort and support.

Most stylish cross trainers for men

Cross training shoes are not only longer only about function. As a man who likes to look good, the design of my cross trainers played a big part on how I select my running shoes. Every year, I look for the most stylish looking cross trainers towards the end of the year so that I have sparking new shoes when the new year comes about.

So, without any further delay, here are my picks for the most stylish cross training shoes for 2013!

New Balance Mx20v2 Minimus cross training shoes

Look at this beauty. The design is modern and the colors are attractive. The Mx20v2 Minimus is meant to be worn barefooted so if you are intending to wear socks, please order half a size bigger. As a minimalist shoe, the Mx20v2 Minimus not only looks good but is very light as well.

Available in blue as well.


Merrell true glove cross training shoes

I like the unique concentric designs that are found on the side of the shoe.  The lacing is also particular interesting. I found out later that this is a new lacing system that is suppose to give you a more snug fit. The upper layer of the shoe is made of durable water repellent-treated synthetic leather that is suppose to be light and gives your feet room to breathe.

Puma Voltaic 3 NM crossing training shoes

I love the asymmetry of Puma’s Voltaic 3 NM cross trainers. Using the classic sexy curve line with minimal colors has helped create a design that is modern and sophisticated.  The air cushioning sole makes this a very comfortable shoe for running and other sports activities.


Adidas adiPURE cross training shoes

When the orignal five finger running shoes from Vibram came to the scene, I really hated it. No matter how good they are in terms of barefoot running, they are too ugly for my taste. Well, Adidas just came out with their version of their five finger running shoes called adiPURE that look so much better. With its signature black and white color tone, and the classic 3 stripes, Adidas has managed to turn the five finger design into something desirable.


Saucony Hattoir cross training shoes

Saucony is a relative unknown name in the world of cross training shoes. However, I liked their approach to design. The Velcros and mesh design makes it look uch sleeker than other cross trainers. Its mitten-like toe box makes it possible for the wearer to have more control over actions such as push, arch, grip etc.


Famous runners with flat feet

Having flat feet always imposes some kind of inconvenience, especially if you are into running. However, there have been many cases in history whereby runners with flat feet are able to achieve great success in their athletic careers. In this post, let’s celebrate these famous runners with flat feet and look to them for inspiration!

Said Aouita

According to Wikipedia, Saïd Aouita is a Moroccan track and field athlete. His past achievements included winning the 5000 meters at the 1984 Summer Olympics and the 1987 World Championships in Athletics. In his interview with the New York Time in 1985, Aouita revealed that he had flat feet which made it painful for him to train. He did order special running shoes for flat feet to help overcome his disadvantage. Despite this setback, Aouita went on to set many records in the 1985 Olympics.

Read the source about Aouita’s flat feet here

Alan Webb

Alan Webb (Guy in red)

Alan Webb is the record holder with a time of 3:46.91 for a mile. In the famous books for runners “born to run”, it was revealed that Aln Webb started with a flat foot. Due to intensive training, he eventually developed archs. This of course lead to a lot of discussion in forums about what kind of training did Alan Webb go through, especially among people with flat feet. Of course, nothing concrete came out of this discussion which leave many flat feet folks quite disappointed.

Source: “Born to run” book. Click here to see this book on Amazon.

Steve Plasencia

Steve Plasencia competed in the 1988 and 1992 10,000m race at the Olympics but did not secure the honors. He however did win the win the 1992 California International Marathon with a timing of 2:14:14. His flat feet prevented Plasencia from competing in short distance running as he was unable to lift and sprint. Plasencia als suffered a serious stress fracture after his 1988 Olympics although it was not clear whether that was due to his flat feet.

Read the source about Plasencia having flat feet here


Haile Gebrselassie

Haile Gebrselassie hailds from Ethiopia and is famous for his two Olympic gold medals over 10,000 metres: one in 1996 and one in 2000. He also won an impressive four World Championship titles. Interesting, there isn’t much written about Haile Gebrselassie’s flat feet. The only public source that I found is an article that causally mentioned that he is flat footed. After much research, it seems that many African runners are in fact flat footed. That is rather interesting and worthy of an article by itself.

Read the source  about having flat feet here

Nike+ sensor cross training shoes has been released!

I have been a big fan of the Nike+ sensor running shoes. The idea of tracking our running statistics so that we can analayse and improve our favorite sport is a great! Unfortunately, the Nike+ sensor shoes range did not include any cross trainers so I didn’t buy one to try it for myself.

The good news is that Nike has just annouced its latest range of Nike+ sensor shoes which included both cross training shoes as well as basketball shoes. Below is an image of the sensor basketball shoes.

How does Nike+ sensor cross training shoes work

For those who might not be familar with how Nike+ sensor shoes work, here is a rough breakdown. Each of the cross traininer shoes will be equipped with sensors on some of its important parts like the heel of the sole. The data collected from the sensor will then be transmitted to your iphone via bluetooth.

The date can then be analysed via a Nike+ app that outputs fancy graphics and charts for you to analyse and track.  The kind of data will give data fans some fun to mouse over. For the rest of us, it will be something useful for us to take occasional looks and see whether we are improving.

Currently, according to a wired review, the Nike+ basketball shoes are not really that perfect. The amount of data it can collect is limited and you can’t do too much with the data. Prices are also expensive, with a fair of pair of Nike+ basketball shoes costing about USD250+.

I will definitely not buy it immediately but I will be keeping  a close eye on any news or improvement or price drops. Bookmark this site for future reference!