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Best crossing training shoes for flat feet

Crossing training with flat feet can be such a pain! I have a buddy (Joe) who has a flat fee and has often suffered injuries.  This was often due to the fact that he was wearing normal running shoes.  After getting the right pair of cross training shoes, Joe is much better off now. He doesn’t get that much injuries and is happy with the comfort he is getting from the shoes. (If you want to read about how to buy cross training shoes for flat fee, please scroll below)


Best rated crossing training shoes for flat feet

Below are some of the top rated shoes for flat feet. Make sure you read through the reviews and descriptions to find the one pair that solves your feet problem.

Best cross training shoes for flat feet

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The New Balance 1260

  • best for people who tend to overpronate
  • has narrow ankle design to prevent injuries


Best cross trainers wome with flat feet

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The Saucony Women’s Grid V2 Training Shoe might not as well known but it is made just for women with flat feet

  • Strong arch support
  • Great ankle support especially for people who do a lot of workouts including insanityT
  • A bit heavier than normal running shoes
  • Might not have the most appealing design


Women cross training shoes for flat feet

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The ASICS Women’s Gel-Plexus is a very nice looking pair of women cross training shoes for flat feet.

  • Stylish cross trainers for women with flat fee
  • Snug fit to minimize any pronation or supination
  • Great for gym workouts


How to buy cross training shoes for flat feet

The problem with flat feet is that they do not cushion the impact when your feet lands on the ground. Without having this natural support, it is then up to the shoes to provide the arch support that is needed to minimize this impact.  Hence any cross training shoes for flat feet needs to have good arch support

Another important thing to note about flat feet is that the ankles tend to turn either inwards or outwards. When ankles turn inwards, it is called pronation. I can see this quite frequently in Joe when he was running with the wrong pair of shoes. His knees will tend to ‘knock’ each other due to pronation of his feet.

When ankles turn outwards, it is called Supinate. When this happens, it will also cause injuries as your feet lack the support neeed to hold the weight of the body.

Whether it is Supinate or pronation, you need cross training shoes that provide good width support. These shoes normally will have thicker cushion around your ankle areas to prevent them from pronating or supinating.

Running shoes vs cross training shoes for flat feet

Besides the aforementioned arch and ankle support that cross training shoes provides for people for flat, there is another noticeable difference. This is in the weight of the shoes. Running shoes tend to be lighter due it doesn’t need to built so much support for the arch and ankle. However, it is still advisable for people with flat feet to get a cross training shoe even though it is heavier as they are more suited to protect your feet when running.



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